Haydee is a young Chicago based studio and live vocalist that is well versed in many genres and styles. Her dark and rich mezzo soprano voice blends together with her unique and expressive stage presence to create an exciting entertainment experience that can capture the attention of any audience. Haydee is a very passionate and emotional singer and has the rare ability to perform a sweet and delicate jazz gig in an afternoon and then a hard-hitting metal gig in the evening while still sounding entirely like herself.

Haydee is currently an active member of Aversed (Extreme Metal) and Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera. In addition, she works as a session vocalist for the Symphonic Metal project Widows Rite and is the lead vocalist for several Youtube Cover Video projects. In 2013, Haydee won the National Choral Award of her school and got accepted to tour with the School of Rock Midwest Allstars as a lead vocalist. Participating in the Chicago School of Rock has given her the honor of sharing the stage with Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown), Earl Slick (David Bowie), and playing venues such as Lollapalooza, SummerFest, Taste of Chicago, and the House of Blues. Haydee’s vast experience with Classical and Contemporary studies has allowed her to develop her own style that is supported, powerful, and genuine to her soul.

Haydee currently studies Contemporary Writing and Production at the prestigious Berklee College of Music on a scholarship and studies Classical vocals with Carrie Cheron. Haydee will be debuting herself as an Original artist in the year of 2017 as she continues to develop her brand.

Haydee’s strong, passionate, and kind character shows through her determination to be a professional musician in both skill and mindset. Outside of music, she enjoys nature, a good comedy, and relaxing with loved ones.

                             Artist Statement
When I was almost 4 years young the first musical thing that I had grown attachment to was the resonating sound of an old wooden baby grand piano in my schools music room. I felt a longing that was beyond my external world and I knew that I couldn’t let it go. That same feeling still lies with me today and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.
I came from a supportive, hard working, and modest family and I have taken great inspiration from the hardships and successes of my parents. 
Since attending Berklee College of Music as a scholarship student, I have been given the opportunity to develop into the professional artist and woman that I want to be. The community of opportunities, inspirational peers, and diverse music has given me a clear vision as to what it truly means to be a professional artist.

Music is an immersive experience. 
It has the ability to travel to the deepest form of ourselves and connect our stories to a musical landscape meant for sharing.
To me, being an artist means being a story teller, and a giver. Regardless of the song or context, we embody and portray something that is meant to be shared… something that we all hope may live beyond us someday.

I have been blessed with the capability to be a creative, contemplative, and inspired person and I am very happy to live a life where expression is powerful, valuable, and beautiful. It is my absolute pleasure to share my gifts with others. It is my hope that my inspired creations will give life to new ideas that will continue to propel us forward in this life.

Thank you for joining me in this journey!